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Blackstone Labs

E-commerce is only one and unique internet shop in Europe, which deals just in selling of prohormones, SARM, extremely efficient fat burners, PCT and extremely strong pre-workout stimulants as well as prohealth products from all around the world, especially from the USA.

Prohormones and SARM presents efficient substances that very efficient and fast help to the growth of muscle mass, gaining the strength, fat reduction and extremely fast after-training regeneration. These prohormones are uncomparably more efficient than dietary supplements and at the same they have bigger strength than AS. A few weeks later you will not know your body. We are active sportsmen, who know the problematics of training, nutrition, hard diet for many years. We know exactly what is required for reaching of set goal. Our team from the field of sport and nutrition will be available 24 hours daily.

Products involved in the offer of internet store are not the subject of the Crimes act.

Our products are not medicines and do not belong in the pharmaceutical category.
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Sale of our products is legal, respecting all valid laws in the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Poland.

Discount Ano-genin

Ano-genin Blackstone Labs

Improves protein synthesis

63.99€ 54.99€

Discount Epi Cat

Epi Cat Blackstone Labs

Muscle growth and fatigue resistance

59.99€ 54.99€

Discount Eradicate

Eradicate Blackstone Labs

Blocks the production of gynecomastia

68.99€ 48.99€

Discount LGD Elite

LGD Elite Blackstone Labs

Increase muscle mass

89.99€ 68.99€


METHA-QUAD Blackstone Labs

Improvement in muscle density and vascularity

119.99€ 88.99€

Discount MK Ultra

MK Ultra Blackstone Labs

Maximizes the secretion of gh

84.99€ 65.99€

Discount Ostapure

Ostapure Blackstone Labs

Ideal for shifting from one cycle to another and for the PCT

64.99€ 48.99€

Discount PCT IV

PCT IV Blackstone Labs

The ideal product for PCT

74.99€ 63.99€



Strong anab. combination

103.99€ 87.99€