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Chrysin (5,7-Dihydroxyflavone) is a flavonoid extracted from the plant Passiflora Caerula. In bodybuilding, it is a very important plant because it represents a potent inhibitor of aromatase. Aromatase causes the conversion of tste to estra and androstenedione to estrone. Chrysin is often included in nutritional supplements mainly for its positive qualities and strength.  

Chrysin minimizes the conversion of tste to estrogen or DHT. These substances may lead to estrogen-induced changes, such as gynecomastia. If you take large doses, you gain lean muscle mass without any risk!

PCT yes
Support liver function yes
Molecular weight: -
Formula: -
Effective dose (men):  750 - 1500 mg/day
Effective dose (women):  not recommended
Half-Life:  -
Detection time: unknown
Anab./androgenic proportion:  -