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DMZ is a compound similar to the injective AS Mast (drostanolonum), but much more effective, because it is the oral version. It presents an excellent combination which conceals zero water retention, extreme "pump effect" of the muscles and absolutely pure muscle mass gains. DMZ is a complex molecular structure, which has already appeared in literature in 1962. According to clinical studies it has the same or greater effect on muscle building then tste propionate, stan and anadrol.  It is ideal for anyone who is trying to take a step forward towards the development of muscular physique without unnecessary water and fat. Thanks to its structure you will get huge muscle gains, gains in strength and muscle fullness. According to the experience of clients the average muscle gains range from 2.5-5 kg, in some individuals, increases up to 10 kg of lean muscle mass after one cycle were reported.

The best results can be achieved in combination with quality supplementation (particularly proteins and amino acids) and with a good diet as DMZ significantly increases protein synthesis and storage of glycogen - consequently leading to an appearance of full muscles. You will be able to observe the growth of your body at a very dramatic pace. Certainly worth mentioning is its anab./androgen ratio which represents a value of 210/95. According to available studies, a 4-6 week cycle is recommended. The daily dose is divided into two parts (the span between the doses 6-8 hours). Recommended daily dose is 20-40 mg. DMZ is one of the best selling prohormones in the US as a representative of one of the strongest prohormone mixture on the market. In addition to its incredibly effective strength it is still unique in one area and that is its safety. It belongs to the PHs with the lowest risk of negative side effects. In one published study, people were given DMZ for more than 45 days. In 50% of tested subjects, the liver values ​​have not changed at all, while for the remaining 50% these values ​​increased only slightly. DMZ has 0% capacity of aromatization; it means that you do not have to worry about the estrogen effects in your body. 




Support liver function


Molecular weight




Effective dose (men): 

20 - 40 mg/day

Effective dose (women): 

not recommended


cca 6 - 8 hours

Detection time:


Anab./androgenic proportion: