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Epistane, also Epi, is a DHT prohormone that has been launched on the market by RPN company under the product name "Havoc". Epi is a slightly methylated PH, which is also a very strong anti-estrogen compound. It has a 12x stronger ability to bind to the androgen receptor than tste. These properties make epistane one of the most anab. as well as anti-estrogenic compounds on the market. Epistane represents a special prohormone which will help you to build muscle mass even during dieting. It has the ability to build muscles like ASs. It binds to androgen receptors of skeletal muscles and stem cells of the muscles. This leads to changes in the function of the muscle cells and improves protein synthesis. DHT stands for dihydrotste, which is very similar to human tste. Furthermore, it is not aromatized. This means that it does not exhibit unwanted estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia or water retention.

Epistane's results differ depending on dosage, experience, diet and many other factors. It has a significant impact on the increase in lean muscle mass while reducing the amount of fat. It is also excellent in multicomponent PH cycles. The available sources most often mention a weight gain of 7-8 kg per cycle, and the fat is reduced by 1-3%. In cycles where epistane was used with multiple PHs an increase of 10-12 kg of muscles was reported. These are impressive numbers. Epistane carries minimal risk of adverse effects, making it an ideal prohormone for you.

A single daily dose is 20-30 mg, divided into 2-3 doses, consumed with a meal containing fat, for about 4-6 weeks. For beginners, a cycle of maximum one month is recommended. More demanding users should take 40 mg for the duration of the whole cycle. When purchasing a product containing epistane you have to remember that Epi has a very short expiration. It is good to consume it immediately after purchasing and opening the package. 



PCT  yes
Support liver function yes
Molecular weight:  320.5
Formula:  C20H30OS
Effective dose (men):  30 - 40 mg/daily
Effective dose (women):  not recommended
Half-Life:  cca 6 hours
Detection time:  unknown
Anab./androgenic ratio:  1,100/ 91