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Trenavar is a prohormone which was launched in 2011. It is also known as Trendione and is ten times more androgenic than tste. It is a prohormone that targets the 17b-HSD1, which means that it is converted in the body to an AS - trn. It is known to have high affinity for the androgen receptor, and functions also like a glucocorticoid receptors antagonist. And that is really powerful stuff...

Trenavar has the same three conjugated double bonds as trn; it differs from it only in its 17-ketone group, whereas trn has 17b-hydroxy. The ketone is then hydrolysed to the active form - trn. Based on these facts, you can expect the same effects as those which are involved after the application of injectable trn. Older "tren" PHs were converted to dienolone that is structurally similar to trn, but it is not nearly as strong. Metabolism of trenavar is really high, so the user can expect to meet equally high objectives. The benefit of oral form is that you can avoid the "tren cough" a common phenomenon after application of injectable trn. It is the urge to cough and the intensity of this condition is individually given. From a few seconds to longer lasting cough, which is definitely not a pleasant thing. One study in 1996 found that orally administered form of trn was detectable in tests 2-4 days after ingestion, a far shorter time than its injection brother. It is believed to be similar with trenavar. Exact detection time is, however, not known. It is suitable for individual cycles, as well as for the combination with other prohormones. It is also known as the "prohormone of the experienced." It is not recommended for people prone to the formation of gynecomastia. According to the experience of consumers, the greatest benefits of use are considered pure muscle mass growth, improvement of muscle density and muscle definition with a simultaneous reduction of subcutaneous fat. The available literature also indicates extreme blood supply to muscles during training. The most common muscle gains are in the range of 5-7 kg after one cycle. It is also popular because to achieve the results, shorter cycles - 4 weeks with a daily dose of 30-40 mg - are sufficient. Experienced consumers may increase the daily dose up to 60 mg.




Support liver function yes
Molecular weight -
Formula  C18H20O2
Effective dose (men):  30 - 60 mg/day
Effective dose (women):  not recommended
Half-Life:  cca 6 - 8 hours
Detection time: unknown
Anab./androgenic proportion:  -/-