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What are prohormones

Prohormones are strong, anabolism-inducing substances that were the subject of debates for many years. Their popularity spread in the 90s in the US and since then they have become an indispensable part of the supplementary diet of most athletes. It is therefore not uncommon that the best products come from the USA, where a number of sports laboratories have conducted their research and subsequent development. And when you combine top research with high-quality raw materials for the production, the results are the strongest products! Prohormones are the precursors of the actual hormones (precursor - the original material, the particle, from which the resulting product, e.g. a hormone, is created by a chemical conversion). Their operation mechanism is unique. In the body, they are converted into an anab. form. Their transformation occurs through an enzymatic process and for this reason they have similar effects on the body as AS. Here, it is necessary to point out that these substances are not ASs! Since prohormones were not subject to law, they have become part of training of many athletes. Because of their effects, they are able to move their performance to the next level without the risk of violation of legal, anti-doping and moral standards. They have a low health risk and minimal side effects. Their primary use is to improve and strengthen the performance of hormones, which are already present in the body. It is good to remember one fundamental fact. By their strength, prohormones are comparable to ASs and they significantly help build muscle mass. The difference is that ASs are drugs designed for sick people, people following severe trauma or surgery. Prohormones are substances that scientists from the sports industry specifically focused at and for the sole purpose: to quickly pick up muscle mass. Why is it so? Prohormones simply produce an increased receptors activity, which is associated with complete absorption of nutrients from your diet and hence the formation of new body tissues. 

We are the only company in Slovakia and in the neighbouring countries who offer these unique products with the sole aim to fulfil your vision of the perfect figure and turn it into reality. Our expert team is made up of active athletes in different sports, personal trainers and nutritionists. We will provide 100% assistance with your shopping, as well as guidance in choosing from our offer. 

What is the difference between ASs and prohormones?

The first group supplies the body with hormones, prohormones do not. They increase the already existing hormones. When you think about it in complexity, prohormones are comparable in its effects to AS, but in terms of risk to health are a much more suitable choice. If your goal is to increase quality muscle mass, strength, or you want to get into a good form, prohormones are the Golden mean in sports supplementation.

Who can take prohormones?

Bodybuilders, weightlifters, arm wrestlers, MMA fighters, hockey players, and some specific prohormones can be consumed even by chess players. Those who take them are usually trying to gain muscle mass, increase muscle strength, improve endurance, reduce body fat levels and possibly speed up the regeneration process. Some products will even help you to focus and improve blood supply to the muscles, not only during training but also long after it. If you suffer from any medical conditions, we recommend consulting the use of prohormones with a physician. Try to find a sports physician, as he will be up to date on current nutritional supplements.

From what age can you start taking prohormones?

The general recommended age limit for use of prohormones in the US is 21 years and it is for one simple reason. It is around that age that the body and the young organism develop and the hormone levels are at maximum levels. According to recent scientific studies, which tested the effects of prohormones on a sample of users younger than 21 years, it was confirmed that consumption in the younger age does not present any health risk and does not negatively influence the natural levels of tste and other hormones. Moreover, the tests have shown that the already high levels of natural hormones increased even more after the use of prohormones, and the test subjects achieved more positive results in the form of a huge increase in muscle mass and strength.

What is the best prohormone?

The best prohormone varies according to your goals and expectations. More often we hear the question what prohormone is the strongest in the world? In this case, you get a counter question - what is your goal? Clients usually want to put on muscle mass, so they have several options. You can buy a product that contains only one prohormone, or you can buy a complex product that contains two or more prohormones. It is clear that the complex product will be more powerful. But there is a rule. If you are a first-time consumer of prohormones, it is recommend using in the first cycle a product containing one prohormone only: Halodrol, Epistane or Trenavar. For advanced users we suggest a double combination in the form of: DMZ and Trenavar.

What is the optimal length of a cycle?

Our team, which is composed of experienced active bodybuilders and athletes, recommend 30-day cycles. In exceptional cases, if you are an advanced exerciser and user of prohormones, you can extend this period by fifteen days to 45 days. It is not recommended to exceed this period. But what we do recommend is to include a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after each cycle as well as special products to support the functioning of the liver.