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Maximizing your prohormone cycle

You are planning your very first cycle and we will give you a few hints on how to further enhance it so that you reach the top and benefit from this period for maximum. We will share a few simple rules and tips. 

1st PCT

Whether you are taking supplements, prohormones or ASs it is important to ensure the health of your liver, kidney, heart and prostate. We recommend the products from the PCT category. If you invest in products which you hope would ensure muscle growth, set some money aside also for the products to help you maintain the acquired muscle mass. We will provide a complete service. 

2nd Nutrition

Your nutrition during this period must be perfect, varied and of high quality. Since the mechanism of action of prohormones is similar to ASs, priority in the menu must be a sufficient intake of proteins from quality sources (eggs, chicken, beef, fish, milk, cottage cheese), for example in the amount of 2-2.5 g per 1 kg of body weight. According to your metabolism it is also necessary to put emphasis on the consumption of high-quality carbohydrates (oat flakes, rice, potatoes, pasta, fruit and vegetables) in the quantity of 4-10 g per 1 kg of body weight. Don't forget to consume a sufficient amount of healthy fat - 1 g per 1 kg of body weight from sources such as olive oil, nuts, avocado and fish. 

3rd Training

Make sure that your training is suitable for your cycle. If you want to gain muscle mass, you will not do 20 repetitions, and if you want to lose weight, you will not do 6 repetitions... Thanks to prohormones, you will be able to train harder, longer and more intensively. The time required to regenerate the body will be significantly shorter and your body will respond to every little stimulus in form of the muscle mass growth. At this time, we recommend you to train with a sparring partner in order to go beyond your limits. Vary your trainings every 5-6 weeks and follow the Weider principles. 

4th Healthy joints, tendons and ligaments

A part of each prohormone cycle should be to support your joints, tendons and ligaments. If you train intensively and with heavy weights, you must pay attention to the health of your musculoskeletal system. We often encounter the cases when especially young boys do not pay any significant attention to this area. This area definitely shouldn't be neglected as injured muscles and tendons make up the majority of health problems due to which athletes must give up their active career. 

5th Supplementation

It represents a relatively large category. It is a mistake to believe that it all ends with buying prohormones. It's just like when people think that if they consume AS, they do not need to adhere to an adequate diet. It's a big mistake. Since the effects of prohormones are similar to AS, it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of quality proteins. Taking the necessary amount from solid food is quite problematic, and it is in this moment that a variety of dietary supplements come on the scene.

-Protein drinks: product selection depends on your personal goals. If your goal is cutting, we recommend high-percent protein preparations with above 70% protein content. If you want to gain muscle mass and little fat does not disturb you, you can choose 50% proteins, or a quality carbohydrate product (gainer). Personally, we recommend to obtain proteins from a whey source, and before going to bed the use of micellar casein is recommended. 

- BCAAs, glutamine, amino acids: the most important supplements after proteins. They have their place whether you are in a period of weight loss or weight gain. Combined with prohormones, they create a mega strong combination. BCAAs serve as fuel for the muscles especially in the low-carbohydrates periods. They have excellent effects for the protection of muscles and speed up recovery. Glutamine in present in the muscles in the amount up to 60%. It significantly helps recovery, muscle protection and also supports the proper function of the immune system. Compared to proteins, complex amino acids have one advantage and it is their speed of absorption. We recommend whey, hydrolysed amino acids. 

- Pre-training NO products: Preparations from this category are not so long on the market as proteins, but in a relatively short time have gained their place among athletes. Thanks to them, you can push your training to a completely different level than you are used to. You can train more intensively and with higher weights. If you're tired, you can overcome fatigue and complete every training, regardless of the circumstances. Thanks to the NO ingredients you will experience such blood supply to the muscles you have never felt before. And here again we would like to highlight the fact that NO products combined together form an unbeatable pair. Don't be surprised when your muscles tear your training clothes.