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Anabolic window

You have surely heard this term before. This article will introduce you to the importance of carbohydrates in key parts of the day so that you get the most out of them for the growth of new muscle mass. Most people mistakenly believe that after training, the consumption of carbohydrates is not appropriate. After training means immediately afterwards (within 30 minutes). We are going to mention several scientific studies for a few reasons. They found that the consumption of proteins right after training significantly stimulates muscle growth, in the same way as when you consume proteins evenly distributed throughout the day. Another study highlights the importance of a simple carbohydrates intake right after the workout to stimulate ins and to better replenish muscle glycogen. The researchers also found that insufficient consumption of carbohydrates at the time of your training can cause overtraining. For these reasons, an ideal solution seems to be the consumption of proteins and carbohydrates immediately after the completion of training for better regeneration, muscle growth and intense anab. response of the body.

How much carbohydrates?

The available resources mention several dosage schedules of carbohydrates. From 0.5 to 1.2 g per 1 kg of body weight. Everything depends on the nature of your training. If you train with high intensity and higher number of repetitions, you can follow the upper limit of this value. If you train in order to develop strength, using heavy weights, but with less intensity, you can add to your cocktail a value of 0.5 to 0.7 g of carbohydrates.

Which carbohydrates?

General principle that it should be carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Dextrose, rice crackers, white bread.

How should an ideal cocktail look like after a workout?

In the most ideal case, reach for a protein drink containing proteins exclusively from whey, since it excels in its speed of absorption. In figures, it should be 30-50 g of whey and 40-100 g of dextrose. To maximize results, you can add 5 g of creatine.

Example for an 80 kg weighing bodybuilder who trains with a high intensity and performs an average number of reps (8-10):

  • 40 g of 80% whey protein cocktail

  • 80 g of dextrose

  • 5 g of creatine

After drinking such an acting drink it is ideal to consume quality food with high protein (meat) and complex carbohydrates (rice). Failure to provide the above mentioned nutrients in this period would get you away from your goal, and only by your fault.