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Last week before the competition

Last week before the competition in terms of training and nutrition

Anyone who at least once tried pre-competitive preparation, or was close to a person, who was preparing for the competition, will agree that everything starts to break the last few days before the competition, specifically the last week. We have searched the internet for you and found that there are very few articles dealing with this issue, with this specific period in preparation of bodybuilders. This may be due to the fact that very few bodybuilders reveal the secret of how to tweak your form. In terms of training…

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Carbohydrate waves

As we have analysed in the previous articles, sports nutrition plays an important role in building muscle mass as well as in weight reduction. One of the ways to maximize burning of subcutaneous fat is the handling of carbohydrates, in bodybuilding jargon also called carbohydrate waves. It is the most common form of dietary modification in the pre-competition period. Let's discuss the most important things about them.

There are several ways to define muscles. Essentially, it is the combination of diet and exercise modification. There are bodybuilders who bet on a combination of fat and protein intake (Palumbo diet, CKD…

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Pre-competition preparation



Pre-competition preparation is a specific period of training of bodybuilders which represents the culmination of all previous efforts. Most often this is a period of 12-20 weeks. This time depends on the particular availability and options of each individual. The period is characterized by special dietary, training, supplementation and regeneration regime. Those who went through such a cycle at least once and completed it until the finish line, experienced a big challenge and certainly the ideas of ​​failure spread in their minds, but in the end there was the hoped-for joy of the achieved form and a sort…

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