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How to use the prohormones correctly for their maximum effect?

The discovery and classification of the prohormones (PH) to the supplementation of sportsmen create from the begin an interest. As first and only one in Slovakia we bring specialized prohormone products of the highest quality. Our motto is:

,, to give the customer superior quality“

Similarly like for every supplement, also for PH are rules and principles how to treat in the period of its application. These rules must be followed, because PH require this attention regarding their strength. If you plan your cycle, this article is for you.

Rule no. 1

If you are planning your absolutely first PH…

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Results of prohormone cycle ... or what to expect from the prohormones

Two years ago, when we have started with the prohormones (PH) in Slovakia, there weren’t any professional articles, neither skills of people from slovak sources. To the market we have come with absolutely new things and people were sceptic in the begin. By honest work, treatment of the customer and especially by real results of real customers, the prohormones have domesticated in Slovakia and brought quiet quickly their popularity between top and also recreational trainees.

Results you can expect through PH

Like you read in many articles, which were published by us, PH have a number of…

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Build the muscles through prohormones

It’s the winter, the period, which is in the minds of body-builders considered as ideal time for gaining the muscles. Maybe it’s because of the break between autumn and spring competitive season, which muscular athletes use to regenerate the muscles and gain the big muscle volume. On the other hand the winter is characteristic by short days and overall reduction of activities and actions that can have positive impact on gaining the muscle mass. It shouldn’t be forgotten on the Christmas, when there is loads of the food everywhere. Till your aim is gaining the muscles also during the Christmas,…

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Prohormones, how to choose the right one

The fact that prohormones have a positive impact on muscle growth is an unquestionable fact which is confirmed by many research studies, as well as real results of actual users. You should reach for prohormones if you wish to gain muscle mass, lose weight or in the so called RECOMP periods (simultaneous gaining of muscle mass and reduction of corporal fat).

In order to reach the goal you have set, you need to be informed about the individual prohormones and their effects. We are going to introduce you the most frequent PHs as well as their leading qualities.

Prohormones (the…

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