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How to use the prohormones correctly for their maximum effect?

The discovery and classification of the prohormones (PH) to the supplementation of sportsmen create from the begin an interest. As first and only one in Slovakia we bring specialized prohormone products of the highest quality. Our motto is:

,, to give the customer superior quality“

Similarly like for every supplement, also for PH are rules and principles how to treat in the period of its application. These rules must be followed, because PH require this attention regarding their strength. If you plan your cycle, this article is for you.

Rule no. 1

If you are planning your absolutely first PH cycle, use in that the product which constitutes one compound

Use of one substance has several advantages. Try out its features on yourself and test if it fits you. If you are a beginner, even a single-component product can bring you impressive results. If there would be side effects and you would take several substances at once, you will never know which substance caused it. When using one compound this problem is eliminated.

Rule no. 2

Maintain a consistent dosage.

Each substance has various half-lives, so also their dosage can be different. In general most of PH substances have half-life in the range of 5-12 hours. What does this information mean? It’s very simple. If you want to apply a consistent dose of the compound, which has half-life 8 hours then use this scheme of dosage:

  • 8:00 hour – 25 mg
  • 14:00 hour - 25 mg
  • 20:00 hour – 25 mg

Maybe now you are asking, and what about at the night? According the accuracy you should take next dose at the night. Though there is the rule that the sleep and its positive impacts on the human are more important and shouldn’t be interrupted.

This is the topic where could be written very much. As always, we recommend to follow the recommendations of the producer, which are shown on the label of given product.


Rule no. 3

Select the correct length of the cycle.


The length of the cycle for PH is also very important. Most often is given the length of one cycle of 4 weeks. For ,,smoother“ substances can be a little longer (5 weeks), for ,,harder“ substances on the contrary can be shorter time (2-3 weeks). People, who often change PH for AAS (anab.-androgenic AS) or they put them to one area argue that for PH you can select the length of the cycle similar as for the AS. This is a big mistake, because longer cycles for the AS are from the reason of their longer effect or later effect onset (oil injection substances). PH are dosed orally and their effects can be seen in a few hours after the use.

The criteria which have to be considered for the length of the cycle:

  1. Intaken prohormone
  2. Individual tolerance to side effects
  3. Age of the user
  4. Availability of the products PCT

Rule no. 4

PCT is as important as actual cycle

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is the period at the end of the cycle, where our aim is ,,regeneration“ of hormonal balance of the organism. Its length lasts most often 4 weeks. The body is normalized, hormone layers are brought to normal state. In this period we also try for maximalization of keeping the gained muscle mass. If we would neglect PCT, we risk several serious problems: dezorganization of hormones secretion in the body, loss of muscle mass and strength, and decreased libido. The most common myths which associated with the use of PH are that their features significantly damage the health. It’s HOAX and by following the rules we described aboveis no danger of any health problem. In the now is the discussion in this direction significantly tendentious and people believe to whatever they read.

If you treat with PH irresponsibly and without discipline, you exceed recommended dosage, the length of the cycle and you neglect PCT, in this case nobody will guarantee you that you will not have the problems.