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Prohormones, how to choose the right one

The fact that prohormones have a positive impact on muscle growth is an unquestionable fact which is confirmed by many research studies, as well as real results of actual users. You should reach for prohormones if you wish to gain muscle mass, lose weight or in the so called RECOMP periods (simultaneous gaining of muscle mass and reduction of corporal fat).

In order to reach the goal you have set, you need to be informed about the individual prohormones and their effects. We are going to introduce you the most frequent PHs as well as their leading qualities.

Prohormones (the PHs) can be divided into 4 categories:

  • PHs designed for gaining lean muscle mass, ideal even for RECOMP period
  • PHs designed for massive muscle mass growth
  • PHs helpful in fat burning
  • Other (PHs designed to increase endurance and concentration)

We are the most interested in the substances from the first two categories, it means the substances designed for muscle mass growth.

PHs designed for massive muscle mass growth: (Epistane, Trenavar, Dymethazine – DMZ, Methylstenbolone, Halodrol)

Epistane - is an ideal prohormone for the very beginners. It is a non-methylated PH which is at the same time a very strong anti-oestrogen compound. Its ability to bond on androgen receptors is 12x more potent than that of tste. As the only one it has the ability to build muscle mass even in the period of a diet. The most common muscle gains are 8-10 kg per cycle (1 month) when dosed 20-30 mg a day. It is recommended to dose together with fat rich food.

Trenavar – it is a relatively new PH compound. It is 10x more androgenic that tste. It differs from the AS trn in the fact that it has a 17-ketone group, while trn has a 17b-hydroxy group. It is popular among users especially due to its capacity to act on lean muscle mass growth, it increases muscle density and ensures brutal blood supply to your muscles.

Dymethazine DMZ – similar to AS Maste. Its oral form is much stronger compound. It represents a great mixture which implies zero water retention, extreme pump effect and absolutely pure muscle mass gains. Compared to other ASs, its potency is the same as of tste propionate or stan. Average muscle gains are 5 kg. While taking this preparation, a combination with a quality diet (rich in proteins) and supplements is necessary.

Methylstenbolone – also known as M-Sten. It is a relatively new compound designed for increase in muscle mass, strength and overall body volume. Although the muscle gains are not so high, they are of extremely high quality. Its main benefit is its safety of use.

Halodrol – a beginners' PH intended for all those whose aim is to grow pure muscles and strength. It is worth mentioning its positive impact on muscle blood supply. It is sought after especially in the pre-competition period of bodybuilders. It improves endurance and reduces the time needed for muscle regeneration. The effects can be observed only after a few weeks of use (most often after 2 weeks). The cycle length shouldn't exceed 6 weeks.

PHs designed for massive muscle mass growth: (Alpha-1, MAX LMG)

Alpha-1 – if your aim is to grow brutal muscle mass, Alpha-1 is an ideal PH for you. Muscle mass gains are impressive ranging from 8 to 12 kg. In order to reach these figures, shorter cycles of 2-4 weeks are sufficient.

MAX LMG – intended for all those wishing for big muscles and enormous strength. MAX LMG is a non-methylated PH, which means that you don't need to worry about liver damage. As it doesn't aromatize, there is no risk of undesirable oestrogenic effects, such as gynecomastia. It is strong enough to be used as an individual PH in your cycle. Combined with other PHs would make you a beast. It is intended for beginners, as well as intermediate users. Due to its half-life, more frequent application is needed.

Above we have described the basic types of PHs which are the most commonly used among athletes. Of course, there are much more types of PHs, but even a whole book wouldn't be enough to describe them all. Besides the fact that PHs are sought after due to their potency and safe application, more and more people start using them from the reason of a higher number of fake ASs on the black market.