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Results of prohormone cycle ... or what to expect from the prohormones

Two years ago, when we have started with the prohormones (PH) in Slovakia, there weren’t any professional articles, neither skills of people from slovak sources. To the market we have come with absolutely new things and people were sceptic in the begin. By honest work, treatment of the customer and especially by real results of real customers, the prohormones have domesticated in Slovakia and brought quiet quickly their popularity between top and also recreational trainees.

Results you can expect through PH

Like you read in many articles, which were published by us, PH have a number of positive features for sportsmen.

  • PH help to build muscle mass
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Help to increase body stamina
  • Burn fats
  • Increase proteosynthesis
  • Accelerate regeneration processes in the body
  • Create an anab. environment

For the popularization of PH in Slovakia did loads of work especially our customers who are greatly appreciated by us. We try to ensure them maximum comfort in the purchase, to loyal customers we provide attractive discounts, to every order we enclose a small gift, in case of the dissatisfaction we promptly solve their requests.

The biggest reward for us is the satisfaction of our clients, when they send us a photo of their progress or even thankful message that our products have helped them.

Our results are real

The results that you can achieve with PH are in your hands. Neither PH are not miraculous things and if you don’t add quality training, food and natural regeneration, you will achieve only a fraction of their potential. In our products are used only those the most quality raw materials and what is declared on the label, it can also be found inside of the pack. All products come from the USA, from a country where PH were found. Progress photos of our customers, which were presented on our Fan Page on Facebook are positive examples of those, who think to exercise seriously.

There are customers, who already in the first week of use PH recorded weight gain of 3-5 kg and at the end of the cycle they have still increased this gain, and even after PCT they proved to keep it up.

  •  If choosing products from category – Building the volume is weight gain even higher.
  •  However there are also those, who else have not gain so much in muscle mass (in numbers), what was clear from the photos where is visible that the quality and density of their muscle mass is at absolutely different level than before.
  •  The products from category PCT are extra favorite. For our customers is obvious to buy automatically also PCT products when buying PH. We are glad because of our recommendations immediately in the begin we automatized in people that PCT is equally important period like single cycle. There is increasing demand for PCT also from the users of doping substances, because are able to compete to medicamentous form like is (HCG, tamox or clom).

Successful internet campaign

In september we launched a campaign in which we were searching for three trainees, who would be willing to share their skills with the use of PH in the period of one month and they would monitore their preparation. From several dozen candidates expert team chose three persons, who received the packages of PH and next they competed between them for the main award, which was voucher worth 1000 EUR.

The winner of the competition Tomáš Pollák

The winner was Tomáš Pollák, who recorded the biggest progress and his victory was decided by readers of our facebookg pages. During the cycle gained 4 kg of muscle mass and his muscle mass was in a great quality! During the cycle he didn’t feel any negative effects and also after PCS he keeped up the volumes and great form of muscle mass.