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Building volume

Prohormons for building the volume are hardcore products that ensure building the muscle mass and help to regenerate the body faster after difficult training. Prohormone compound which is used in the body increases existing hormones to 200 times. The impact of this is considerable protein synthesis improving, faster gaining the muscle mass and increasing the strength.

Discount Bedlam

Bedlam Underground Pharma

Component Max LMG

98.99€ 74.99€


EVOKE Warrior Labs

Increases TST production for maximum

84.99€ 74.99€

Discount Hydra

Hydra Underground Pharma

Suitable for beginners

70.99€ 58.99€


METHA-QUAD Blackstone Labs

Improvement in muscle density and vascularity

119.99€ 88.99€

Discount Spartan

Spartan Warrior Labs

Strength increase

153.99€ 90.99€

Not Available Titan

Titan Warrior Labs

Rapid growth of pure muscles

162.99€ 97.99€