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AK-47 T-Shirt

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T-shirt AK-47!

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The AK-47 is still an often used assault rifle, originally designed in the Soviet Union - aim and shoot - exactly what the AK-47 is all about, including extreme strength, muscle hardness and fat burning.

As the name suggests, AK_47 represents a real weapon among nutritional supplements - a specially formulated formula consists of a combination of 3 substances that synergistically complement each other and projectiles at the end where they are needed. It fits in the shaping period or in preparation when the goal is to build clean muscles and gain strength. In addition, the active ingredients greatly accelerate fat burning.

So what, are you ready to hit the target? Show it - for example with a stylish T-shirt with a logo!

Product information

Stylish, comfortable and elastic T-shirt suitable for training or everyday wear.

M68 cm46 cm16, 5 cm
L78 cm55 cm18,5 cm
XL79 cm58 cm19 cm
XXL79 cm62 cm20 cm
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