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Alpha-Max T-Shirt

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T-shirt Alpha-Max!

Price 14,99 €

Are you doing everything right? Are you disciplined yet still somehow fruitless? For this
purpose, ALPHA MAX was created, thanks to which it is possible to build quality muscle
mass and extreme strength.

ALPHA MAX is a product intended only for those who are serious about exercise. Behind its
extreme strength are four active compounds that directly affect muscle growth and strength -
all of course with exceptional quality! It fits into volumetric phases to gain muscle volume
and strength, but also to increase endurance.

Show that you are serious about exercise - for example with a stylish T-shirt with a logo!

M68 cm46 cm16, 5 cm
L78 cm55 cm18,5 cm
XL79 cm58 cm19 cm
XXL79 cm62 cm20 cm
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T-shirt Alpha-Max!

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