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Amino acids for regeneration of muscle mass

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Are you looking for ways to exceed your limits during every training session? Do not allow tiredness to get in your way. Ensure you give your muscles the right nutrients during training. This will decide the outcome of your training and if your muscles will have the potential to grow!

AMINO X is a high-end supplement of amino-acids from our company BSN, which provides key branch chained amino-acids and essential amino-acid to your body. The B6 vitamins support the energetic metabolism that helps to decrease the level of tiredness during training.

Its fizzy form makes it a perfect instant drink and it doesn’t contain sugar or caffeine. Therefore, it’s suitable for people on a hard diet or during a pre-competition period, as well as for people that train in the evenings.

Each dose of AMINO X brings:

·         10 g of amino-acids within a system of carbonated delivery

·         B6 vitamins that help to decrease the level of tiredness

·         Doesn’t contain sugar or caffeine

·         Extremely tasty


Mix 1 scoop (14,5g) with 200 ml of cold water or other drink and take before, during or after training. To get the best results, take at least twice a day.

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