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Improves cell oxygenation

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MusclePharm®Assault™ creates a new standard in the category of pre-training supplements. Assault™ is a specially developed mix with one goal to ensure a maximum level of energy for your workout. Thus, a high intensity workout can be ensured. Thanks to Assault™ your body will be able to train consistently with heavy weights for longer.

Assault™ is one of the most researched dietary supplements designed for increasing strength, which contains a creatine monohydrate substance. It also contains Carnosyn® Beta-Alanín that significantly reduces the creation of lactic acid, which is a product of a testing physical activity. It reduces tiredness and thus prolongs the training session. All of this comes in combination with explosive energy and focus on your goal of muscle mass increase. These properties will bring your workout to a completely new level. By using PurEnergy™ caffeine supplement you will gain an eight-times larger effect than with regular caffeine.

Even though it’s extremely strong, Assault™ is safe and even registered sportsmen can use it without any worries.

Advantages of using the Assault™ product

·         Increases the retention of nitrogen

·         Improves protein biosynthesis

·         Increases the blood flow rate in muscles

·         Regulates the level of important hormones

·         Supports the correct functioning of the immune system

·         Improves regeneration and increases energy levels

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