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Instant energy flow

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C4 represents the fourth generation of this most successful pre-training product range. It has gained this title after appearing in a poll on the biggest bodybuilding website www.bodybuilding.com .

Providing for an explosive energy, higher concentration and a stronger motivation to complete any challenge… this is C4. Millions of people, beginning with rookies up to elite sportspeople count on C4 that helps them change their ambitions to real achievements.

C4 brings to the fore a completely new level of innovation and cultivation. Its composition is even stronger and more effective, thanks to a new patented ingredient- TeaCor™, which serves as a boost of instant energy that lasts longer. C4 uses NO3-T™ creatine nitrate, that ensures maximum exercise reps and strengthens the synergic effect of the other complementary substances. Its great dissolvability in water ensures better absorption without any side effects of average creatine supplements.

Advantages of the C4 product

·         Maximum exercise effect

·         Instant boost of energy

·         Intensive mental focus

·         Brilliant taste


Mix 1 scoop of C4 with 200ml of water 20-30 minutes before your workout. Some individuals can experience mild heart burn, which is associated with Beta-Alanine.

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