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Creatine Powder

100% pure creatine monohydrate

Price 11,99 €

Modern scientific studies of creatine have shown that it significantly helps the size and strength of muscles and significantly increases workout intensity. Our micronized creatine is made from Creapure®, a creatine monohydrate that is well known for its exceptional pureness. It’s micronized (it’s particles are small), so the creatine can be suspended in liquids easier as non-micronized forms of protein.

The benefits of using the Micronized Creatine ON product:

·         99,9% made from the Creapure Creatine Monohydrate

·         Supports muscle mass

·         Ensures growth of muscles mass

·         Improves stamina during training

·         Doesn’t contain sugar or calories


Gaining phase: take 1 teaspoon of this product with your morning, afternoon and evening food and 1 more rounded teaspoon before going to sleep. Keep this dosage system for 4-5 days, so the muscles saturate with creatine.

Maintaining phase: take 1 teaspoon of this product with food or directly after your workout together with a protein drink.

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