Curcuma Longa

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Strong anti-inflammatory effects

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Curcuma (Turmeric) has been known for centuries for its strong anti-inflammatory effects. According to scientific studies, its properties against inflammation are similar to hydrocortisone or nurofen. It also helps relieve pain in rheumatic disease.


Benefits of Curcuma Longa:

• Strong anti-inflammatory properties

• Used in the treatment of rheumatic disease

• Accelerates metabolism

• Detoxifies organism

• Favourable effect on the liver

• Decreases cholesterol levels

• Anti-cancer agent


Turmeric, or Indian Saffron, is a plant of the ginger family best known as a spice used notably in curry. It has the origin in south Asia and the largest producer of this plant is India.

Curcuma - has been used in Chinese and Indian medicine for thousands of years to treat health problems such as flatulence or irregular menstruation cycles. In Western countries, it is now recognized as an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer drug. Recent studies, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, have shown that curcumin might be a unique solution for treatment of obesity by altering the composition of fat cells in their body. Nowadays, obesity and overweight have been a global problem. Because of the Western lifestyle, consumption has grown out of proportion, and we are now having health problems we didn’t have 20 years ago.


Complicated diets may not be warranted. The problem might be hidden elsewhere. Changes in the endocrine system or enormous stresses that can evolve into a chronic state or simply a lack of movement are factors all contributing to poor health and obesity. Every year, a lot of money is spent on development of synthetic ingredients that are supposed to help with obesity. Is this necessary if our nature offers resources that are sufficient enough?


Nutrition Facts
Serving size:1 capsule
Servings per Container:90
Amount per servings%DV
Curcuma Longa Extract550 mg*
* Daily dosage not established
Other Ingredients: Fitomax Curcuma longa extract 4:1, capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), anti-foaming agent: magnesium stearate

Dosage: Fitomax™ CURCUMA LONGA. As a dietary supplement. Take one (1) capsule once per day best in the morning and with plenty of water (min 250 ml). Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Not a substitute for a healthy diet. Not suitable for pregnant women and women that are breastfeeding.

Skladovanie: Fitomax™ CURCUMA LONGA should be stored in a dry place at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children.

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