Mutant Whey

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4-level whey protein

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Mutant Whey is a unique 4-stage whey protein that triggers striking growth of muscles and increases the retention of nitrogen in the body. Yes, whey protein helps you grow, but Mutant Whey maximises and quickens the speed of muscle growth.

Mutant Whey was developed during 28 months of specialised research. It’s the first protein in the world that blends specially chosen proteins, each one having a unique absorption capacity. Its main benefit is that it gets to every receptor individually, thus ensuring unique delivery of building material to the targeted cells.

What does this mean? In simple terms, all proteins will be dedicated towards their prioritised goal. Each of the 4 sources of whey protein is 100% complete and rich in BCAA and glutamine, which helps you to regenerate faster after a hard workout.

The advantages of Mutant Whey PVL:

·         4-stage whey mixture that triggers a greater synthesis of the muscle protein

·         Enriched with extra glutamine

·         No aspartame (sweetened with sucralose)

·         Extremely delicious taste

·         Less lactose

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