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Say NO to hangover!

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You’re surely familiar with this - you regularly exercise most of the year, eat healthy, avoid alcohol or cigarettes and of course you’re well aware of a good sleep. Well, then come the days you just want to turn off - have a couple of drinks with your buddies, dance all night and come home in the morning hours.        

Although such an evening is needed from time to time, the vision of the next few days is not so appealing - headache, stomach nausea or general inability to do anything but sleep - such a condition has been experienced by every one of us and it is certainly nothing pleasant, but with NEUTRALIZE capsules it is time to say goodbye to hangover feelings!

Ethanol, i.e. a molecule found in various alcoholic beverages shows strong toxicological effects through oxidation to the acetaldehyde metabolite. This conversion/oxidation of ethanol to acetaldehyde runs within a process called „alcohol dehydrogenase“. After the acetaldehyde is formed, it is oxidized with another enzyme, acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, to acetic acid.

As mentioned above, most ethanol-related toxicity is caused by acetaldehyde. The ADF has developed a revolutionary formula that is able to reduce the major carcinogenic metabolite by as much as 100% compared to placebo.

What produces this effect?

  • Taurine - Increases the decomposition of acetaldehyde in the body.
  • Panthetin - is an active form of vitamin B5 and accelerates the removal of acetaldehyde in the blood.
  • L-glutathione - a powerful antioxidant that reduces the effect of acetaldehyde.
  • Asian ginseng (root) - reduces the amount of actaldehyde.



Q: What if I forget the first dose of NEUTRALIZE within one hour after the first drink?

A: Once you remember, take a dose.

Q: What if I forget the last dose of NEUTRALIZE within one hour after the last drink?

A: Once you remember, take a dose.

Q: What if I forget to take both doses of NEUTRALIZE?

A: If you have not used NEUTRALIZE until the last drink, take 2 doses (6 capsules) at a time.

Q:  Does NEUTRALIZE increase tolerance to alcohol or prevent intoxication?

A: No. NEUTRALIZE supports the elimination of normal levels of acetaldehyde in the body.

Q: Does NEUTRALIZE eliminate liver damage associated with alcohol use?

A: No. NEUTRALIZE is not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or harm associated with the use of alcohol.

Nutrition information

1 dose: 3 capsules


Propriety blend

(Taurine, Panthethine (Pantesin), L-glutathione, Asian Ginseng (root)

Recommended dose:
Take 1 dose (3 capsules) within one hour after the first alcoholic drink and 1 dose (3 capsules) within one hour after the last alcoholic drink.

The product does not serve as a substitute for a varied diet. Drink responsibly. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Not suitable for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. In case of doubt, consult the dosage with your doctor. Store in a dark, dry place.

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