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The basic equipment for every FIT woman

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BCAA Amino
In a world of dietary supplements, even though we live in a time of all sorts of innovative and proven effective products, we can find stable products that even after many years of novelties, still stand strong and are significant in the field of sport supplementation. Amino-acids with a branched chain, which you may know under the BCAA abbreviation, are one of them. But not all BCAA’s are the same.


You are going to need quality building material, if you want to build a house. Same goes with building muscle. You are going to need protein to achieve the figure of your dreams. We don’t just mean the consumption of meat, eggs and quark, we also mean supplements that are able to advert the state of catabolism after a hard training session and evoke anabolic processes in the body. Amino-acids are the basic building units that are irreplaceable and inevitable in a diet for sportspeople.

BASE L-Carnitine

The basis of the FitMax® BASE L-Carnitine nutritional supplement is 1400 mg of L-carnitine tartrate. The effect is supported by vitamin B1. FitMax® BASE L-Carnitine is suitable for active sports people who want to increase endurance and promote regeneration after physical exertion.

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