Rhodiola Rosea

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Stimulates sexual vitality

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Numerous scientific studies have shown that RHODIOLA ROSEA Extract has positive effects on athletes' performance. It accelerates anabolic processes and increases the body’s endurance during heavy resistance training as well as during diets in the pre-contest period.

• Positive effect on the growth of muscle mass

• Strengthens the heart muscle

• Accelerates recovery between training cycles

• Improves ability to cope with stress

• Enhances sex drive

• Improves concentration and memory

Rhodiola Rosea belongs to the group of plant adaptogens. It contains simple phenolic compounds (p-tyrosol, rhodioloside), flavonoids (rhodalin, rhodionin, rhodiolgland, rhodiosin), sterins (b-sitosterol, daukosterin), monoterpenes (rosridol, rosiridine)  etc.



There’s nothing extraordinary about the fact that the examination of Rhodiola had begun in the former Soviet Union back in the fifties. Over the decades, thousands of scientists worked on the research and almost half a million users confirmed positive effects of Rhodiola. In the USSR, these studies were classified as secret and no one knew the formula for becoming an elite athlete. It was only later that the information was revealed and Rhodiola was introduced to the public. In order to understand the mechanism of action of Rhodiola, it’s crucial to explain how adaptogens work.



Stress is a mechanism by which a body responds to requirements as well as bringing the  organism to the state of “alertness”. During excessive exposure to stress, our adrenal glands begin to produce stress hormone (cortisol) that helps the organism tolerate extensive stresses. Although the function of these glands is very important, the levels of cortisol may pose a threat to your body if the levels are too high for too long (this may, e.g., weaken the immune system).

While testing the impact of the stress response on the organism after application of the plant adaptogen, we found out an interesting thing. Plant adaptogens significantly accelerate body’s response to stress exposure and prevent cortisol from increasing after it’s reached certain levels.


Rhodiola Rosea in Bodybuilding

Heavy resistance training significantly increases levels of cortisol (during as well as after training).  In addition to the ability of adaptogens to block excessive production of cortisol they also boost the growth of muscle mass. Last but not least, research has shown that adaptogens are supportive in maintaining muscle mass in the pre-contest period.

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 90
Amount per servings* %DV
Rhodiola Rosea Extract550 mg
Rosavins5,5 mg
* Daily value not established

Dosage: As a dietary supplement. Take one (1) capsule once per day best in the morning and with plenty of water (min 250 ml). Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Not a substitute for a healthy diet. Not suitable for pregnant women and women that are breastfeeding. Due to its stimulating effects it is not recommended to consume in the evening.

Storage: Should be stored in a dry place at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children.

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