Rhodiola Rosea

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Stimulates sexual vitality

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Numerous scientific studies prove that extract of the plant Fitomax™ RHODIOLA ROSEA has a positive effect on the power of sportsmen. It accelerates anab. processes what increases efficiency and resistance of the body against various loads like is intensive training or diet food.

Benefits of Rhodiola rosea:

  • Positively effects on gain of muscle mass 
  • Increases energy reserves of the heart muscle
  • Reduces the time needed for regeneration between trainings
  • Improves the ability to adapt the stress
  • Stimulates sexual vitality
  • Improves the ability of concentration, memory and mental capacity

Rhodiola rosea belongs to the group of plant adaptogens. It contains simple phenolic compounds (p-tyrosol, rhodiolosid), flavonoids (rhodalin, rhodionin, rhodiolgin, rhodiosin), sterins (b-sitosterol, daukosterin), monoterpenes (rosiridol, rosiridin) and others.

A little bit of the history

Nothing is unusual that researching of positive effects of Rhodiola rosea (not only this plant) has started in the former Soviet union in the 50 years of 20th century. During this time in the research were replaced over thousands workers and positive effects were confirmed by more than half million of tested people (mostly there were soldiers, who were exposed to extreme climatic conditions and elite sportsmen). These researches were secret and nobody knew the recipe for success of the athletes of Soviet union. Later were appeared first informations that at all stand herbal extracts. For understanding of working we will explain how adaptogens act on the human organism.

How do adaptogens act?

Stress is a mechanism that helps the human to protect from negative impacts of any origin. With excessive stress load the adrenal glands will produce stress hormones – glucocorticoids. These hormones are able to mobilize reserves in the body needed to handle excessive stress, thus they have their place in stress handling. If their level is disproportionately high, they act desctrutively (weaken the organism, immunity, reduce the power and act catabolic on muscle mass).

In testing the action of the stress reaction to the organism after application of plant adaptogen was recorded an interesting fact. At the begin of the alarm stress stage (stress is divided into several stages) adaptogen was able significantly to accelerate the organism response to stress load, but after reaching of a certain optimal level was not increasing level of glucocorticoids anymore.

Rodiola rosea and body-building

Hard and intensive training significantly increases level of glucocorticoids. Not only during the training, but also after that. In the experimental dosage of adaptogens was even found that except that adaptogens blocked increasing in glucocorticoids level, most of the athletes recorded the gain of new muscle mass and strength. The positive effects were seen also in the period of pre-competitive diets, when body-builders were able to keep their gained muscle mass from the volume period and they trained all the time very hard and intensive.

Supplement facts 
Serving size:1 capsule
Servings per Container90
Amount per serving*%DV
Extract of Rhodiola rosea 550 mg 
Rosavins5,5 mg 
* daily value not established 


Other ingredients:Fitomax Rhodiola rosea extract 1% rosavins
capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcelulose)
anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate


Take Fitomax™ RHODIOLA ROSEA once per day, one capsule, the best in the morning. Take it with sufficient amount of the liquid (at least 250 ml). Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Take it as dietary supplement. Not suitable as replacement of mixed food. Not suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Because of its stimulating effects is not recommended to use after 5:00 pm

Storage: Store Fitomax™ RHODIOLA ROSEA in dry place with room temperature, keep out of reach of small children.

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