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Towel Warrior Labs

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Towel with Warrior Labs logo!

Price 9,99 €

American brand Warrior Labs is a novelty among sports nutrition supplements with a clear 
goal - to be simply the best! The combination of proven ingredients and the latest scientific 
findings makes it possible to create some of the best and most effective supplements available 
on the market. 

The current extensive product portfolio and commitment to continue to make pre-train, train 
and after-train sports nutrition to achieve individual goals - that's what makes Warrior Labs 
leaders in power and endurance sports. 

No matter what type of athlete you are - whether you do bodybuilding, bikini fitness, MMA, 
cardio or powerlifting - Warrior Labs is ready to discover your real potential and take you to 
incredible results! 

So what? Which team will you choose? Will you bet on quality or will you satisfy yourself 
with something second class? Choose right, don't regret it! 

…if you chose Warrior Labs, don't forget to show the team you belong to! For example, 
with a stylish towel with logo! 

Product information 
Quality, practical and lightweight touch-friendly sports towel with high absorbency and 
versatile use. It is made of 100% cotton with dimensions of 50 x 100 cm.

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