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Viking T-Shirt

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Viking T-Shirt

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If you decided to build an extreme and high-quality strength, density and hardness of your muscles - congratulations, you are in the right place and VIKING VOL./ 2.0 will be the right aid!                 

A unique formula of VIKING VOL./2.0 effectively combines 4 prohormone substances which help to gain remarkable muscle strength, which is a prerequisite for muscle growth. Oh - and while we're at it, your muscles will be as fit as ever before - without useless water and hard as a rock! It is suitable not only for shredding and volume phases but also for periods that aim to build clean muscle mass and immense strength.     

Remember only one thing - thanks to the VIKING./2.0 nutritional supplement, you achieve the form you really desire!                   

Are you team VIKING? Show it - for example with a stylish T-shirt with a logo! 

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