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Improves digestion

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Fitomax Zingiber officinale is a special product, whose main ingredient is the plant ginger. This plant helps to improve digestion, removes migraine and headaches, acts as an aphrodisiac and can be marked a pick-me-up. Recent studies show the positive effect of ginger on fat burning.


Ginger is a lasting herb that is grown for fleshy, tuberous offshoots that are up to ten centimeters long. It contains essential oils, ginger essential oil and pungent substances - Gingerols. Genuine ginger grows in the tropical zone, especially in India, China, Japan, but also in Jamaica, Brazil and Western Africa.

Fitomax Zingiber officinale has a rich range of beneficial substances for health:

  • helps in digestive problems, bloating and flatulence, keeps intestinal flora healthy,
  • reduces the formation of nausea and dizziness,
  • helps in migraine and headaches, infections of upper respiratory tract, cold, it relieves stuffy nose,
  • stimulates heart activity, reduces cholesterol level and blood pressure,
  • reduces blood clotting (if you take blood thinning medicines, consult your physician about before use of Fitomax Zingiber officinale),
  • helps in nausea caused by chemotherapy,
  • acts as aphrodisiac,
  • burns fats.

Ginger is in Chinese folk medicine used for various stomach diseases and there was found that it relieves stomach pain, fights nausea and even stops diarrhea. Even in the USA, it is a popular to drink the ginger beer that helps with stomach problems. In Europe, ginger is used to moderate menstrual spasms and to treat the symptoms of headache. The raising number of scientific evidences also suggests that it has a potential use as an anticancer agent, and is often referred to as super food.

The latest findings from the issues of ginger research have brought remarkable discoveries. According to studies, this super food is able to inhibit intestinal absorption of consumed fat. The study confirmed that the body weight of tested subjects who consumed fatty diet together with ginger, was lower than in the group, which consumed only fatty diet.

Fitomax Zingiber officinale is therefore an ideal product to pre-contest preparations to help you handle with excessive stress caused by caloric deficit and increased physical burden. It will certainly find its application even in the period of volume preparation, when it will help you to build muscle mass without unnecessary fat.




Supplement facts
Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 90
Amount per serving
Ginger extract550 mg
of this gingerols21,7 mg
daily value not established
Other ingredients: Zingiber officinale extract, filling (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)


Take 1 capsule once per day, the best in the morning. Take it with sufficient amount of liquid (min. 250 ml).

Warning: Do not exceed recommended daily dose. As a dietary supplement only. Not suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Store in dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children and domestic animals.

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