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S4 Andarine

S4 (Andarine) or Acetamidoxolutamid is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). It is said that it is one of the most effective SARMs, which helps to maintain muscle mass while reducing fat.


S4 is a form of SARM, which binds to the androgen receptors and produces selective anab. activity. Compared to ASs, Andarine has no androgenic activity in non-skeletal muscles. S4 is a SARM with maximal potential and disintegration process lasting only 4 hours.

Since Andarine binds to the androgen receptors, it can increase strength and build muscle mass without water retention, drying of the joints or damage to the liver. There exists strong evidence that S4 helps to prevent osteoporosis, which means that it reinforces the bones and soft tissue in the body. It is also ideal for bodybuilders who are trying to keep acquired muscle mass between AS cycles.

These effects are useful in treatment of muscle degeneration, osteoporosis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. In addition to maintaining muscle mass, S4 has many other advantages:

  • It does not cause liver damage
  • It prevents gynecomastia
  • It can be helpful in improving the overall health 

Mechanism of action:

As it has been already said, the SARMs work by binding to the androgen receptors, resulting in increased anab. activity. As a result of this stimulation, more protein is produced that allows the muscle growth. S4 causes muscle growth in the same way as ASs, but without the undesired side effects. If you want a muscular physique without fat, S4 it is the most ideal choice. 

Recommended dosage:

Pre-competition preparation period – the most ideal use of S4: properties of Andarine are very similar to the AS Winstrol and Anvar. The only difference is that S4 is able to produce better muscle gains. S4 also minimizes LPL (lipoprotein lipase) - the enzyme that causes the accumulation of fat.

In addition, Andarine reduces fat while maintaining or even increasing muscle mass in a low caloric environment. It also improves blood circulation in the muscles and gives a "sharp" look.

Recommended dosage: 50 mg for 6-8 weeks

It is used in the system 2 + 2 (two days of S4, two days of pause)

Recomping: recomping is the period in which a bodybuilder tries to reduce fat and gain muscle mass simultaneously. Use S4 with other SARM products such as Ostarine. The recommended dose is 50-75 mg for 4-8 weeks.

For the development of muscle mass and strength: Andarine produces strength and muscle gains that are fast, durable and pure. The recommended dose is 50 mg a day.