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Prohormones or steroids?

Many people confuse these two terms and mistakenly believe that ASs and prohormones are the same thing. There is, however, a fundamental difference between them, and we'll explain what.

What are ASs?
Anab. AS (the ASs) are synthetically formed substances, most often derived from the male sex hormone tste. They are designed for people, patients, suffering from different diseases, or people after heavy injuries or operations, when they need to support the regenerative processes of the body. Steroid hormones act by binding to specific receptor proteins on the cell surface. Hormone binding to the receptor results in a change in the transcription of genes and altering cellular metabolism. ASs significantly improve protein synthesis and build new muscle tissue. Their biggest problem is that they are forbidden (in many countries they are on the same level as drugs), not to mention the increasing growth of fake imitations with which you risk permanent and irreversible damage to health. ASs are the cause of hypersecretion of sebum, resulting in oily skin. They clog the sweat pores and cause their infection, leading to acne. The skin loses its natural elasticity and cracks are formed in the connective tissue (striae). Use of ASs also causes hair loss.

They are divided as follows:

1. Steroids with tste-like effects (methyltste anf boldenone)
2. Steroids with dihydrotste-like effects (stan and methenolone)
3. Steroids with nandr-like effects (nandr and trn)

According to their form, AS are divided into:

1. Oral
2. Injectable

Since many of them are 17-alpha alkylated, they are extremely toxic to your liver. Risks that you may encounter with injectable AS is violation of basic hygienic practices in the production and the associated risk of introducing infection deep into the muscle. Another disadvantage is also the application, and if you're not medically educated, it could result in improper application and threat to life.

Inflammation caused by improper application or failure to comply with hygiene practices in the production mentioned above (the most common phenomenon of fake ASs).

Strong acne caused by the ASs use

What are prohormones?
Prohormone (the PHs) are also made by the synthetic route, but with the fundamental difference, and that is that they are made for the sports market. They are precursors of the actual hormones which means that after the use, they are converted in the body into the human hormones. Their discovery dates back to the beginning of the 90s in the US. Immediately upon their discovery they have become popular supplements for preparation of almost all athletes in the States. Thanks to their positive effects and low health risk, they were commercially available for long 24 years, and the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) did not include them on the list of prohibited substances and they easily passed through the most severe tests. Everything changed only in December 2014, and the reason remains unknown. The most important is that over the years they have shown their positive effects on muscle mass gain. Their strength is the same as of quality AS.

Based on manufacturers recommendations and consumers experience with PHs, cycles lasting 4-6 weeks are recommended, and the break between PH cycles should be the same. Muscle gains are impressive, expressed in figures 5-15 kg per cycle (muscle growth depends on the choice of a specific PH, as well as individual predispositions of each person, diet and training). The big advantage is that properly chosen PCT retains a large amount of weight, which is a big problem with ASs.

Is it necessary to include a PCT after a PH cycle?

Since PHs convert to human hormones, their natural production is affected. Therefore, it is necessary to help the body be ready for the next cycle. Special PCT products from the category of PHs are, however, complex products which not only re-establish your own secretion of hormones, but also improve the health of the liver and prostate.
They are very popular even among the ASs consumers.

Prohormones vs. AS...

Is there an answer to this question? We will try to answer it. The use of ASs, as well as PHs brings benefits in form of gaining muscle mass, strength and improvement of exercise capacity. But when we look at the disadvantages, we have a clear winner. Use of ASs could result in the following negative side effects:

  • decreased testicular size

  • infertility

  • enlargement of the heart

  • increased blood pressure

  • kidney damage

  • liver disease

  • enlargement of the liver

  • hair loss

  • psychosis

  • anger and aggression

  • acne

  • dysfunctional libido

  •  gynecomastia

With the PHs, it is very simple and you should simply follow the recommendations on the label. It is to be understood that, if they were for 24 years in the United States commercially available, authorised by the FDA, they are not harmful to the health of the people. You need not worry about the most recent ban, because the problem is not in the PHs and their safety, the phenomenon is a purely political gesture of the US government. From our perspective, there are some further benefits that are highly relevant and why you should opt for PHs.

1. Golden mean: they are more powerful than regular supplements, their effects are the same as of ASs, but without the risk of health damage.

2. Convenient dosage: PHs are made exclusively in the form of a capsule. No injections are necessary, which contributes to your overall comfort.

3. Strong effects of PHs: these products are most often a combination of several PHs. It's just as if you were taking at the same time several types of ASs. In this case, you have it in 2-3 capsules.

4. Helpers of ASs: you must be certainly asking why? PHs are a great help to the transition period between two AS cycles. If you don't want to follow never ending AS cycles but want to keep your precious muscle mass, with PHs you can achieve it.