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Prohormones and professional sport

Prohormones are substances that are specifically designed for athletes, therefore they have become a point of interest of a large number of amateur as well as professional athletes since their development. Their positive effects on improvement of the performance, strength and muscle mass attracted thousands of users worldwide. In addition, they found their place on the market immediately after their discovery and filled the gap in the market. Their position is right in the middle, where at one end there are commercial nutrition supplements and on the other end are ASs. For some athletes, supplements are too "mild" and ASs represent a risk to health, as well as national governments are too interested in them and limit them by legislation.

Although the first documented reports of abuse of ASs in sport date back to 1950, the use of prohormones in sport is relatively new. Prohormones were not limited by law in the US for a long time. Anab. Steroids Control Act of 1990 defines ASs as:

"Any drug or a hormonal substance that promotes the growth of muscles in physiologically similar manner to tste",

while prohormones were not classified as ASs and could be purchased legally as dietary supplements.

The first recorded use of prohormones in the world of sport dates back to 1996, when American chemist Patrick Arnold developed a commercially viable form of a prohormone - androstenedione. 



                                                                      Patrick Arnold is a leading chemist

and a top sportsman at the same time

Who is Patrick Arnold?

Patrick is an American chemist who is known mainly in the area of improvement of the effectiveness of sports supplements. He is connected to the prohormone androstenedione (also known as ANDRO). Later he became the founder of other effective substances: 4-AD, 1-AD. The latter is a prohormone which is considered one of the most effective prohormones in the world. Today, Patrick is member of the scientific team of E-Pharm and represents a driving force number one in development of nutrition supplements in the United States.

People reacted very positively to the fact that behind the development of prohormones stands this man who is an example for many of them. He absolutely earned the confidence of athletes throughout the US.


This miraculous prohormone caused a storm in the world of sport and especially in baseball. American sports reporters were delighted with the great success of baseball star Mark McGwire, national record-holder in home runs in 1998. It was because of his accomplishments, that they were in disagreement as to whether or not prohormones should be allowed. 

                                                               Mark McGwire, 1998 record-holder in home runs


Mark McGwire

This great baseball player began taking a nutrition supplement androstenedione in the 1998 season when he became the holder of the national record in home runs that were impossible to catch. Their number was 70. At that time androstenedione was a legitimate nutrition supplement, commonly available in shops and in the gym. After disclosing that he was taking this nutrition supplement, its sales grew at incredibly high levels throughout the United States. Later it become the subject of a number of debates among doping and sports commissioners.

Once efficacy of prohormones was proven, other substances appeared on the market, for example:

  • androstenediol,

  • 1-4-androstadienedione,

  • 5 alpha androstenediol,

  • norandrostenediol.

These substances were sold by different companies, some of them had the ability to metabolize in the body to tste, while others metabolized to anab. hormones boldenone, nandr or dihydrotste (DHT).

Prohormones experienced their biggest boom in the late 90s and especially in the United States. At that time it was an absolute turning point in supplementation. After baseball players, their positive effects on improvement of performance and increase of muscle mass were tried by other athletes (American football players, bodybuilders and weightlifters).

Why do athletes use prohormones?

For a very simple reason, they want to be stronger, bigger, faster and want to pursue sport at a higher level. Prohormones are somewhere between supplements and ASs (tste boosters). They are compounds which act as chemical precursors of hormones and AS. In other words prohormones include elements that the body needs in order to create its own AS. 

It didn't take long and these miraculous substances gradually penetrated to Europe. Their greatest representation was in the UK. Prohormones are still very popular there today and because of the large number of positive studies and knowledge they are used by athletes in their preparation. Anab. AS have become the interest of different governments for the sole reason - they are actually a medicine for sick people. Trade with these commodities is not desirable for moral, health as well as economic reasons. This is also one of the points why successful companies put large amounts of capital in developing products that are designed for athletes, such as prohormones.

Prohormones and bodybuilding

Even though prohormones are intended for all athletes, their properties are mainly used by bodybuilders. The broad range of positive effects of prohormones include the following:

  • massive increase in muscle mass,

  • hypertrophy of lean muscle mass,

  • improvement of muscle definition,

  • extreme blood supply to the muscles,

  • better training capacity,

  • faster muscle recovery,

  • improvement of protein synthesis.

This is a relatively high amount of good reasons to start thinking about prohormones and learn something more about them. Since they are extremely strong substances, you should approach their use very responsibly. They should be taken at the recommended doses, and more importantly, in cycles. Nor should you forget about the PCT.

Have you ever wondered why the best bodybuilders always come from the US, and why even amateur bodybuilders are better in the States than elsewhere in the world? The secret is revealed, everything is about these extremely strong substances - prohormones.